How to play video poker game

Have you ever played video poker online? Which judi slot online machine games do you like to play? There are many online games are available If we talk about the online casino games like online games which are very helpful for us let us take the example, whenever you are alone at home then you need to do entertainment so you will look something which can become your friend and you can do your time pass so you will go for any movie or any games, as per the research people use to play games in such kind of situations so games are very necessary to have in your life, and in that condition, the online games will help you to be your friend 


Let us talk about a special game of casino which is very interesting to play and also for the gambling, the special game name is the video poker it is a great game which has lots of fans in the world who play this game and that is why this game you will found in every casino and you can play it online also so in today’s topic we are going to read about video poker so please stay with us till the end to know more about it.

What is video poker online?

The video poker online is a kind of game that is very famous in the casinos and it has many fans who love to play it by its style because this game has many advantages and rules which make this game more interesting. This game is played with the cards so it makes it a special any tricky game 


Who the online poker is being played?

  • Video Poker is a slightly fancier slots game that has been merged with poker; anyone can play it that can play the poker game.
  • Like the various Slot Machines, the game is played on an electronic screen but instead of simple reels, rows, and pay lines
  • In this, you need some experience by which player can get the get to know about the card that which card we have to pick up and which card we have to remove so for this trick you need concentration, practice, and experience by which you can become more familiar to the video poker 
  • In this game 5 cards are given to each player now you have to decide that which card you want to keep and which card you want to discard so if once you made the decision, then you have to replace the cards which you were discarded and then the marks will be calculated according to the cards which you have in your hand 


So if you want to play the poker you just have to follow simple steps 

  1. Place your bet
  2. Press the ‘Deal’ button for your cards to be dealt out
  3. Select which cards to keep and which to discard
  4. Click the ‘Draw’ button for the cards to change
  5. Wait for the outcome 

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